As LGM GROUP, as a company that has placed sustainability at the center of our business culture, we are moving forward with the aim of minimizing negative human impacts in our production activities. Environmentally friendly chemical engineering and environmental protection sensitivity are the basic principles of our company. In this regard, we manage our production processes meticulously in line with environmental awareness, energy consumption and human safety criteria.

Our efforts to embrace sustainability are supported by our R&D and P&D studies targeting ecological economy and consumption savings. These studies are important steps to fulfill our responsibility to leave a cleaner environment to future generations. Using innovation and technology, we continually strengthen and improve our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our products.

In addition, we maintain our social responsibility awareness at every stage by adhering to the principles of sustainability in a broad perspective, from our supply chain to our production facilities. Our efforts to raise awareness of sustainability through employee training and awareness-raising programs constitute a fundamental element of our business culture.

As LGM GROUP, we aim to establish a strong balance between the environment, society and business world with our sustainability vision. In this regard, we continue to work determinedly to leave a more livable world to future generations.