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Established with 25 years of accumulated experience, LGM GROUP ENERGY & IRON PRESS TECHNOLOGIES is fully capable and empowered to provide all kinds of support related to supplying and improving complete equipment for textile factories worldwide.

As a company, we continuously invest in technology to produce the machines of the future. In our R&D department, we prioritize research and development activities tailored to the industry, turning high-value experiments, tests, and patent design work into commercial objectives. As a global company working on a customer-partner principle, our priority is to understand our customers and provide the right service by correctly identifying their needs. Within the scope of product development activities, our R&D department continues to produce high-value-added technological products by developing design changes, improvements, installation, maintenance support, and product technical details with our expert team.


At LGM GROUP, our primary goal is to continuously invest in technology to produce the machines of the future and develop high-value-added technological products. The most valuable thing for us is the satisfaction of our customer partners. By adding our 25 years of experience to the ironing-press equipment we manufacture in accordance with international quality standards, hearing from our customer partners that we are a trend-setting company has been bringing smiles to our faces since our inception. Our founding purpose is to solidify our position in the international market and be among reputable institutions.


• We collaborate on developing successful projects. We offer numerous options for each of our machines. Customers can choose how to customize their machines and what accessories to add according to their needs.

• Customers can select from over 1000 pre-made molds in our ironing department or request new forms tailored to their needs.

• LGM GROUP is delighted to assist you in selecting the best ironing methods and provide recommendations.

• Our engineers are at your service to personally inspect steam, suction, and compressed air systems to ensure your machines operate perfectly.

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