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Customer Satisfaction and Efficiency

As part of our policy focused on customer satisfaction and making production efficient, we are supported by the Service Qualification Certificate approved by TSE. This document guarantees the quality and reliability of the service we offer to our customers, while strengthening our after-sales support processes with our trained technical staff.

Our company is committed to always be there for our customers so that they can run their business without interruption. We are in constant communication with our technical staff to provide fast and effective support when they have any needs regarding the products they purchase, such as part replacement, revision or repair.

Our customers' satisfaction is our top priority and that is why we constantly improve our after-sales support services. We improve our processes by taking into account our customers' feedback and strive to best meet their needs.

In addition, we constantly update our staff with training programs and technical innovations to constantly improve the quality and reliability of the service we provide to our customers. In this way, we aim to provide a better service every day and make our customers' business more efficient.

Our company works determinedly to ensure that our cooperation is long-term and mutually beneficial by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level. With the after-sales support services we offer to our customers, we do our best to help them run their business smoothly and achieve common success.


• We collaborate on developing successful projects. We offer numerous options for each of our machines. Customers can choose how to customize their machines and what accessories to add according to their needs.

• Customers can select from over 1000 pre-made molds in our ironing department or request new forms tailored to their needs.

• LGM GROUP is delighted to assist you in selecting the best ironing methods and provide recommendations.

• Our engineers are at your service to personally inspect steam, suction, and compressed air systems to ensure your machines operate perfectly.

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