Customer-Specific Production Machines: Tailored Solutions

As a company that produces industrial ironing machines, we work in close cooperation with our customers in the development of successful projects. We offer a wide range of options for each of our machines, so our customers can find the machine that best suits their needs.

We offer our customers complete flexibility in determining how and with what accessories they want to equip their machines according to their needs. This allows us to develop tailored solutions that enable our customers to manage their business in the most efficient way. We also offer a rich choice of different forms and molds used in the ironing section. Our customers can choose from more than 1000 pre-made molds or request us to design new forms to suit their needs.

Thanks to our customer-oriented approach and wide product range, we can fully respond to the specific demands and expectations of our customers. Our professional team constantly develops innovative solutions and optimizes production processes to best support our customers' projects.

By keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level, we constantly improve and renew ourselves to meet industrial ironing needs. We look forward to offering a tailored solution to each customer and are excited to take our collaboration even further.


• We collaborate on developing successful projects. We offer numerous options for each of our machines. Customers can choose how to customize their machines and what accessories to add according to their needs.

• Customers can select from over 1000 pre-made molds in our ironing department or request new forms tailored to their needs.

• LGM GROUP is delighted to assist you in selecting the best ironing methods and provide recommendations.

• Our engineers are at your service to personally inspect steam, suction, and compressed air systems to ensure your machines operate perfectly.

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